AVS "Killing The Game" - 2009

This was a great show!
We had a ton of great artists from Louisville to Chicago.
It was a nice mix of styles, but everyone involved was similar enough so that no one's work was out of place.
Thanks to everybody who participated in this one, as well as the AVS Gallery for putting this show on back in '09...

Creative Gallery Flashback to October 2008

"Matthew Dayler and Friends"
Cincinnati, OH

Graffiti and Street art inspired show where the gallery allowed us to work directly on the space itself.
The wall drawings and painting were all done, more or less, to support the limited edition of screen-printed artwork for sale.Each of the three artists Five, Gamble, and Erabik
collaborated with Dayler, on 20x20" panels that were available for sale during the run of the show.


Project Warehouse

We had the pleasure to rock some nice pieces at this spacious new arts/music/exhibition, "Project Warehouse" venue in Erie, Pa.

The space itself is used for all sorts of entertainment that requires a large gathering space.

Three of us painted the "Leapfrog" piece on the long main wall.

Our initial visit was followed up by painting the name of the venue during the "Skate vs. Paint" event organized by, locally owned and operated, 2189 Skateboards.

The Erie Times did a quick write up on their jam here.