Soapbox Cincinnati Feature 10/19/10

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Taking Street Art To The Next Level 

..."We're like polar opposites, and yet we have the same vision," Dayler said. "It's really strange." Babcock's background is in commercial art, sign making, scenery painting and street art, while DaylerDayler deals with concepts and presents them to clients, while Babcock concentrates more on how to put those concepts into paint...


Dayler Exhibition at The University of Dayton

Matthew recently opened an exhibition at the University of Dayton, which runs until October 26th.   New Videos, and Drawings, were offered up to present a unique and interesting view of assimilation and perception related to our cultural and sexual identities.  The visit to the University included a public lecture, and visiting students in the classroom.  Danny pitched in by creating a site specific wall graphic for the installation.  You can find more information about this exhibition and others on Matthew's website.  Stay tuned for more upcoming exhibitions from Higher Level Art's artists.


Paint the Street

On September 26, 2010, Higher Level Art along with Pam Kravetz, Carla Lamb, and Karen Sanders, designed and implemented a project for the launch of the (Fine Arts Funds new brand) ArtsWave for their annual "Ta-Da".  The project was community based, painted by 1200-1500 people that spanned 6 blocks of 12th Street in Cincinnati's historic Over-The-Rhine.  Danny and Matthew both had very heavy hands in this project from the drawing before and on the day of , design, organization of Art Academy of Cincinnati volunteers, and the management plan for the execution.  The Local News media, along with individuals from Cincinnati and abroad contributed to the buzz created by this event.  Some traveled as far as from LA to participate.  We were also pleased to have been featured on the Wooster Collective blog (a blog by and for street art).  There are lots of photos out there to be seen here are a few of our favorites, as well as a link to our photographer Scott Beseler's documentation of the day.


Higher Level Art Goes to School

In late July and August, Higher Level Art transformed 8 classrooms. These thematic rooms for Holmes Middle School, High School and the 6th District Elementary, were designed to encourage students to learn, grow, and be interested, in math, language arts, literature, and science.  Inspired by the Ron Clark Academy, this program teaches using music and art.  Stay tuned for more from this on-going project.