Cincinnati Fringe Festival "Mural" Project 2011

Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2011 vs HLA from Higher Level Art on Vimeo.

We've completed our 4th Annual mural project at Cincinnati's Know Theatre. For this year's theme we decided to go ANTI-Mural. Partially playing on the recent pop culture validation of "Graffiti" in the sanctioned art world.

In a nut shell, the wall itself evolved over a 10 day period from a blank wall with a single tag on it to a full scale graffiti production with characters and subversive content, only to finally be covered up by patches of latex swatches attempting to conceal it's existence... and it's all on video.

The patrons of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival that were present to witness the project were visibly confused as to what could possibly be going on with the painting. Once they asked, or were informed by, one of the 15+ visiting artists that were involved, all became intrigued in the concept of a Video/Mural. As well as simply letting a few audience folks know what we were up to, we also invited "one and all" to come scribble, paint or express themselves on the wall. We supplied the paint, they supplied the message. Considering the fact that murals "need" to have approval by those who walk, work, and exist near them, we felt there was no better way to achieve that than letting them do the work. It was a great time! We had approx 300  people over the course of 4-5 hours ransack as high as they could reach on the wall. Then... We let it stay. What we had done was covered up, once again. The only way the actual mural will live on is online via the QR code pasted in the center of the wall.


Day trip to Manhattan to "Try Everything"

We had the pleasure, a few weeks ago, of a trip to Manhattan for a live painting session on behalf of SoBe's "Try Everything" campaign. They had several celeb spokespeople at hand. We had some good conversation with the likes of Hillary Duff, Kate Upton, and Bernie Williams, before we skipped town. It was blazing hot outside (glad to have been working for cold beverages) and we had no time for culinary delights. We came, we painted, we hopped on planes and went back to Vegas and Cincy. It was a good time to say the least.


PowerhouseFactories VS. HigherLevelArt's goon squad...

We are happy to have recently completed an installation/mural at Powerhouse Factories, a local company based on lifestyle marketing and conceptual design for a wide range of clients. The themes we included were derived from such principles as hard work, dedication and stability. We were encouraged to include a lot of ourselves in the final product, and in-turn we reaffirmed what we saw in their work.

We included our recent infatuation with the painting of halftones into the mural to symbolize our pride, and their's, in the screen-printing process. As well, we included stylized photo reproductions to represent the importance of creativity and technique. Much of the installation is completed with a collage of posters, sourced from the extensive range of Bands they've done work for.

As always, click the photos to view them larger and feel free to share our work with your people. We love to get feedback in all forms, Hit us up on ye ol' Facebook sometime, n drop a line... Thanks much, see ya!


Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy

Back in February of this year, we took on the daunting task of painting an elementary School Gymnasium. This gym is located at the previously occupied Bramble Elementary, which has now been converted to Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy-East.

This particular work was painted over a 6 week period. The majority was completed with Montana94 aerosols with the only exception being the stone and tile work which was achieved with standard latex paints. The theme of a jungle was suggested based on a previous space in which they've had a jungle painted in an existing gymnasium. CCPA's mascot is the Lion. Considering the phrase that the "Lion is the king of the jungle"- We made the Lion a deity like statue, versus the option of an actual lion prowling the jungle floor.

CCPA schools have truly impressed us in terms of the caliber of students they graduate and the operation of the schools themselves. We were honored to be asked to do this work for their newest location and are in the process on other spaces within their schools "as we speak".


Double Vision

Check out our new video.  This was a collaboration with Visionaries and Voices   a great organization located in Cincinnati Ohio.  V and V provides for artists with disabilities, an outlet for their endeavors. Often through collaboration, they create work with other local artists of all sorts. This particular work will be auctioned off at "Double Vision II" which will be held at Memorial Hall on April 22, 2011.  For more info on the event you can check out the V and V website.

We have some BIG projects coming in the next few weeks and months...
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Landor and Sour Patch Kids

Landor a Design, Brand and Marketing company in Cincinnati, recently asked us to create a window display.  Then, they would create a response, in the form of concept packaging for Sour Patch Kids, inspired by our design.  We presented a youthful, bright, street inspired window with screen-printed posters and a dissected painting.  If you are in Cincinnati get on over to Elm Street and check this out before it is gone in early May.


Muhammad Ali Center "LoCal" Exhibition

Danny, Matthew and Robby of Higher Level Art were asked by Louisville curator Daniel Pfalzgraf,  to create a site specific installation of our works for his street art inspired exhibition at the Muhammad Ali Center. We were given 8 hours to pull this all together in the space.  There was a lot of really great work in the exhibition and we were definitely happy to be included, see the images below.  This exhibition continues until April 30th.


LoCAL.streets Exhibition at The Muhammad Ali Center

...opening February 4, 2011...‏

The Muhammad Ali Center and curator Daniel Pfalzgraf presents a Louisville Contemporary Art Lounge exhibition “LoCAL.streets.” 

The exhibition opens with a reception for the artists on Friday, February 4, 2011 from 6pm – 9pm in conjunction with the First Friday Trolley Hop and will continue through Saturday, April 30, 2011.
“LoCAL.streets” is a collection of work centered on the urban environment.  All the works presented in this exhibit are direct reflections of, or reactions to, the streets, buildings, flow and life within the city.  “LoCAL.streets” seeks to draw a parallel between the art created in the streets with art displayed within the galleries of the city, to create bridges of understanding and appreciation of two separate worlds that often share the same geographical location.

Participating artists include many well-regarded street and gallery artists from Louisville and beyond.  Among the artists involved with “LoCAL.streets” are:
Julius Friedman, Mark Anthony Mulligan, Henry Cunningham, Brad White, Sarah Lyon, Tom Pfannerstill, Matt Loeser, Billy Hertz, Chris Chappell, Geoff Carr, James Doiron, Christa Faulkner, Stephanie Potter, Frankie Steele, Mario Mueller from Los Angles, Quincy Owens and Christian Forrer from Indianapolis, Indiana, Thom Shaw from Cincinnati Ohio, and Danny Babcock, Robby Burgess and Matthew Dayler of Higher Level Art from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Kentucky, the Muhammad Ali Center is both a cultural attraction and an international education center that is inspired by the ideals of its founder Muhammad Ali.  The Ali Center’s 2 ½ levels of innovative exhibits, educational and public programming, and global initiatives carry on Muhammad’s legacy and inspire exploration of the greatness within ourselves. 

The Muhammad Ali Center is located at One Muhammad Ali Plaza, 144 N. Sixth Street, Louisville, KY 40202.  Hours of operation are Tuesday – Saturday       9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m, Sunday 12 noon – 5 p.m, Closed Mondays.


Ho Ho Ho Holmes

Over the Christmas break, Dec 22 to Jan 2, at Holmes High School and Middle School in Covington KY, Danny and Matthew continued their on-going classroom project.  In this round of rooms we completed two Social Studies Classrooms.  Embracing elements from the curriculum they went around the world and back again stopping in the good ole USA.  This was a crazy amount of work in 10 days.  Check out the new video and images from the rooms.  Coming up there will be  a "Jungle" Gymnasium from Danny and some serious Legends from Dayler.

Ho-Ho-Ho Holmes from Higher Level Art on Vimeo.