PowerhouseFactories VS. HigherLevelArt's goon squad...

We are happy to have recently completed an installation/mural at Powerhouse Factories, a local company based on lifestyle marketing and conceptual design for a wide range of clients. The themes we included were derived from such principles as hard work, dedication and stability. We were encouraged to include a lot of ourselves in the final product, and in-turn we reaffirmed what we saw in their work.

We included our recent infatuation with the painting of halftones into the mural to symbolize our pride, and their's, in the screen-printing process. As well, we included stylized photo reproductions to represent the importance of creativity and technique. Much of the installation is completed with a collage of posters, sourced from the extensive range of Bands they've done work for.

As always, click the photos to view them larger and feel free to share our work with your people. We love to get feedback in all forms, Hit us up on ye ol' Facebook sometime, n drop a line... Thanks much, see ya!