Welcom T.O. the Jungle

Last night Danny and Matthew, rocked a "Welcome to the Jungle"  Bengal's themed mural on the All About Colors Wall  @ Central Parkway and Ravine in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
T.O. Signed with the Bengals yesterday, so as of last night we decided to make this wall a congratulations to T.O., Chad and the Bengal's Nation. 
Stay tuned for more images and links covering this project. 
Big shout out to the Beelistic Tattoo crew for coming out and having a good time at the spot.


Rothenberg update via Artworks of Cincinnati...

"Color Brings Peace"

In partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools, Rush Philanthropic Foundation, and Bounty
Rothenberg Elementary
2120 Vine Street

Lead Artists: Matthew Dayler and Danny Babcock, Higher Level Art
2 Apprentice Artists
ArtWorks and Higher Level Art transformed the exterior of a modular classroom of Rothenberg Preparatory Elementary School. The team led a school-wide assembly to get input from students, including favorite colors, style, and words starting with the prefix “re”. The result is a colorful, inspirational wraparound mural that enlivens the Over-the-Rhine community. 



Taking our Vitamins from the Fountain

Higher Level Art along with Vitamin Water and MPMF have been painting live on Fountain Square. Friday nights is the place to be for all fans of independent rock music.  There are Local, Regional, and National bands will perform every Friday night from 7 to 11 p.m, and we have been there painting as well.  We have painted 6 of the 13 events so far, ourselves and some of our apprentices, a different artist each week.  The final panels will be displayed at the CAC during the MPMF in the Vitamin Water Lounge.  So come check us out, the painting occurs on the corner of 5th and Vine. Stay Tuned to the blog for more images as we keep it fresh on the square


Stop and smell the Flowers

Ruth and Family from Rosebud Flower Shop in Erie, PA was kind enough to allow me to assist in the updating of their storefront. The name and roses are contour cut from a rigid exterior grade substrate. "Flower shop" and the gray shadows are painted directly to the wall. We gave the white background a fresh coat, and do expect to add more soon...

As usual, Click any photo to see it larger.