Double Vision

Check out our new video.  This was a collaboration with Visionaries and Voices   a great organization located in Cincinnati Ohio.  V and V provides for artists with disabilities, an outlet for their endeavors. Often through collaboration, they create work with other local artists of all sorts. This particular work will be auctioned off at "Double Vision II" which will be held at Memorial Hall on April 22, 2011.  For more info on the event you can check out the V and V website.

We have some BIG projects coming in the next few weeks and months...
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Landor and Sour Patch Kids

Landor a Design, Brand and Marketing company in Cincinnati, recently asked us to create a window display.  Then, they would create a response, in the form of concept packaging for Sour Patch Kids, inspired by our design.  We presented a youthful, bright, street inspired window with screen-printed posters and a dissected painting.  If you are in Cincinnati get on over to Elm Street and check this out before it is gone in early May.