Mural Project at Rothenberg Elementary

The Higher Level Art crew was asked by Artworks of Cincinnati to design and execute a mural project at Rothenberg Elementary School in the "Over The Rhine" neighborhood. We quickly conceptualized a theme of inspiration for the students and the community. The only directive was, "Make sure it's Bright!" We accommodated as much as possible.

The text chosen for the building came from a brainstorm session Matthew Dayler did with students. All the students we're asked to write down words beginning with "Re-". Afterward we filtered the suggestions to, "Respect, Renew, Reinvent, Revitalize, Responsibility". They were very excited to play a part in the design, especially when being asked "What's your favorite color!", hence the ridiculous pallet wrapping the building. We've been receiving alot of wonderful comments from students and staff as they witness the daily progress and look forward to working with ArtWorks of Cincinnati on other projects in the future.

There is some nice process photos by Scott Beseler at Take The Day.com

The following is a nice description of ArtWorks of Cincinnati MuralWorks program,

MuralWorks Cincinnati from Soapboxmedia.com on Vimeo.

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