Hoist and Higher Level Art

Over the last few weeks, the boys at Higher Level Art have been collaborating with HoistHoist  is a Midwest recovery drink, for those who like to party and want to feel good the next day.  The first installment came from Danny who painted a Drink Hoist piece in a Auto Garage in Indianapolis.

Hoist-Danny from Higher Level Art on Vimeo.
The second installment came from Matthew who painted a gigantic Santa at Powerhouse Factories for there annual Holiday Rock Poster Show.  Third video coming soon from the Chi-Town Homies!!

Hoist-Santa-Dayler from Illest Out on Vimeo.

We then had an event in Columbus for the launch of Hoist's product in the city.  Milk Bar hosted us where we had an art exhibition with lots of friends and family. in the house. Music was supplied by the Get Right crew, definitely good times had by all.